Freshly Roasted Coffee – September 2018

Introducing Freshly Roasted Coffee!

Bethlehem Harvest is proud to offer our customers an assortment of freshly roasted coffees from around the world.  For the connoisseur (or would-be connoisseur) of world class coffee, there is nothing quite like a cup made from freshly roasted premium beans.  Timothy Rask, our family’s own coffee connoisseur (that sounds so much better than “coffee snob”, doesn’t it?), has turned his passion for a great cup of coffee into a skill set he can share with others.  As a Licensed International Coffee Quality Grader (Q-Grader) with considerable experience as a coffee roaster, Tim will be selecting and roasting premium coffee beans purchased from Sweet Maria’s, an ethically responsible coffee importer.  We are looking forward to sharing a variety of these wonderful coffee beans with our many friends at Bethlehem Harvest.

This month we are happy to offer our customers this selection of fine coffees:

Kenya Nyeri Ichamama AA – $15.00/lb

A jewel among coffees – this washed coffee from Kenya is a highly complex, sweet and clean coffee boasting flavors of passion-fruit, guava, raspberry and citrus.

Brazil Minasul – $11.30/lb

This coffee is ideal for those who love a slightly darker roast profile. Aromas of tropical fruit, and flavors of rich dark chocolate and nuts, along with earthy warming spices dominate this dry-processed coffee.

Guatemala Antigua – $12.35/lb

Roasted almond, cinnamon, cocoa and caramel flavors feature prominently in this sweet and well-balanced coffee from Guatemala.

Decaf Honduras – Swiss Water Process – $12.60/lb

This decaf from Honduras presents flavors of chocolate malted barley, cardamom and almond. Enjoy a cup after dinner and then get a good night’s sleep!

To place an order for your freshly roasted coffee please drop an e-mail to  If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us an note or call/text us at 281-797-8932.

Gail DeGray

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