December Baking with Bethlehem Harvest

We are so grateful for Bethlehem Harvest’s loyal customers and for every opportunity we have to meet your family’s needs.  Although we are not placing a bulk foods order in December, we want to remind you that Bethlehem Harvest is well stocked with many of the products you enjoy for your family.  In particular, we always maintain a healthy supply of all things “bread” – Wheat Montana Farms Wheat, SAF Yeast, and Whittingon Farms Honey to name a few.  We exist to keep you baking, so keep in mind that while we are slowing down a bit for the Christmas holiday, we are still willing and able to meet your family’s needs.

For your convenience we have published a price list that only shows only the items that we have in stock.  You can access that price list here: Bethlehem Harvest Product List – December 2018 or on the side bar of our web site.  These are the items that we try to keep in stock month after month, so that we are ever ready to serve your family.  If you need some of these items this month, please drop us an e-mail at or give us a call/text at 281-797-8932.

We will be placing our next bulk foods order in mid- January.  If you have some items you know you want us to include in that order, feel free to send an e-mail any time to

Wishing your family a wonderful season celebrating the birthday of Christ our King!

Gail DeGray

Bethlehem Harvest Product List – December 2018


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