Freshly Roasted Coffee to Warm Your January Days!

Would you like to name a coffee roasting company??  We’re having trouble finding a name that works for us.  All our favorites have been taken.  Let’s have a little contest.  Suggest some great names for Tim Rask’s coffee roasting business, and if your name is selected, you will get a free bag of ….. Tim’s freshly roasted coffee!!  For the sake of this publication, we are trying out “Rask Coffee Roasters”.  See if you can do better!

Rask Coffee Roasters is hard at work selecting high quality coffees from around the world and roasting them to perfection. Timothy Rask, certified quality control grader and professional coffee roaster, has selected five delightful coffees this month.  Each variety will be freshly roasted just prior to distribution so you can enjoy the freshest coffee on the market.  To place an order, send your selections by e-mail to by January 12th.

These descriptions will make your mouth water!

Kenya Kiambu Peaberry – $15.00/12 oz bag
This truly outstanding coffee from Kenya features flavors of citrus, blueberry and brown sugar. Peaberries are smaller beans which are sweeter and more densely packed with natural sugars than larger beans. This Kenyan Peaberry packs a sweet punch that will wake you up and lift your spirits!

Guatemala Antigua – $12.50/12 oz bag
Roasted almond, cinnamon, cocoa and caramel flavors feature prominently in this sweet and well-balanced coffee from Guatemala.  We only have 11 bags of this wonderful coffee remaining.  First come, first served!

Costa Rica Tarrazu – San Francisco 1900 – $12.30/12 oz bag
This coffee is sweet, clean and well-balanced; with nutty aroma and flavors of toffee, molasses and almond.

Sumatra Mandheling Mutu Batak – $12.40/12 oz bag
Mutu Batak yields flavors of brown rice syrup, palm sugar, cacao nibs, peet, licorice root, citrus peel and warming spice. It is a complex coffee which is more earthy and spicy than any of our other offerings.

Decaf Honduras – Swiss Water Process – $12.75/12 oz bag
This decaf from Honduras presents flavors of chocolate malted barley, cardamom and almond. Enjoy a cup after dinner and then get a good night’s sleep!

To place an order for any of these marvelous coffee selections, just drop a note to Gail DeGray at or Tim Rask at  We will gather the orders and Tim  will get roasting!

Coffee ordered by January 12th will be available for pick up at our Bethlehem Harvest Open House on Saturday, January 19th or Monday, January 21st.  Delivery to those in the Sugar Land area can be arranged.

Check out the many other wholesome products available at bulk discount prices through Bethlehem Harvest:  Bethlehem Harvest Product List – January 2019  You don’t have to stop with coffee!!

Gail DeGray

Timothy Rask


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