Life in the Fast Lane

Life is just amazingly crazy sometimes, and that’s the way it has been at our house lately.  It is a mixture of mostly good and some difficult, but we are finding God’s grace is evident in the midst of it all.

You may remember that our daughter, Abigail and her family were in Kathmandu, Nepal when the 7.8 earthquake hit in April.  They had to make a quick decision about whether they should stay in Kathmandu or head home, a decision which was complicated by the impending delivery of their fourth child.  To make a long story short, they decided to travel back to Texas, arriving just before the 7.3 quake hit in early May.  After a little time to settle their souls and prepare for the baby’s arrival, we were delighted to welcome little Rosanna Texas into the family on June 16th.

Rosanna Texas

All was well for the first two weeks of life, but then a virus swept into Rosanna’s life via her older siblings, and suddenly we found our little darling in need of a trip to the Texas Children’s NICU.  Thankfully her stay was short, and she is home now recovering with her siblings.

In the meantime, we’ve been making plans for the family to return to their home and their work in Kathmandu.  Although the earth continues to rumble on a regular basis in that part of the world, life goes on in Nepal, and the work that they are doing is more important that ever.  I will be returning to Nepal with Abigail and the gang in early August, and staying to the end of the month.  I will tell you about those adventures when the time comes!!


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