Bethlehem Harvest Celebrates the Gift of Marriage!!

You could call it “Double Trouble”, but we call it “Double Joy”! Two of our precious children are getting married – two weeks apart!! We tried to talk them into a single event, but…. well, you know how that is!!

Our oldest son, John, will be marrying his college sweetheart, Robyn, on May 18th, and our youngest daughter, Tina, will be marrying her childhood arch enemy, Paul, on June 1st! Yes, they are both marrying red-heads, and yes, they both have wonderful stories to tell about how God worked to bring them together and how He is working to make them one! We are excited to celebrating with both of them throughout the month of May.

May Bulk Orders
Needless to say, as a result of all of these fun and games, Bethlehem Harvest will be running at a low ebb during the month of May. If we get enough orders for bulk products (especially 25 & 50 lb bags) by the 20th of May, we will place a bulk order which will be available for pick up on or after the 25th. We won’t be hosting a Bulk Foods Open House this month. The best way to place a bulk order is to visit You can see right away which products we have in stock, and which products we will need to order. When we receive your order we will confirm with you directly regarding the timing of our next bulk order.

May Orders from Stock
As always, we keep many products in stock at Bethlehem Harvest – especially all things BREAD! We have Prairie Gold hard white wheat, Bronze Chief hard red wheat, and naturally farmed Spelt Berries, all in 45 lb buckets or 5 lb bags. We also have an ample supply of SAF yeast, local Honey, Agave Nectar, Blackstrap Molasses, Gluten Flour, and Redmond’s Realsalt. Outside of the world of bread baking, you will also find Bethlehem Harvest well stocked with grains like organic popcorn, Lundberg rices, several types of quinoa, plus many of your favorite legumes. Check out our ordering site ( to confirm exactly what we have on hand and arrange a date for picking up your products.

June Order Schedule
Bethlehem Harvest will be back on schedule with our monthly bulk orders beginning in June. June prices will be posted at the first week of June. Orders placed by Monday, June 24th, will be ready for pick up the last weekend of the month, during our June Bulk Foods Open House (Saturday, June 29th and Monday, July 1st) at our home in Friendswood, Texas. You will be able to stop by at your leisure to pick up your order or to make purchases from the stock we have on hand.

Please let us know if you have any questions about our products, about placing an order, or about how much fun it is to have two weddings in one month!! E-mail us at or give us a call/text at 281-797-8932

Blessings one and all!
Gail DeGray

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