New Offerings from Rask Coffee Roasters

Ever on the quest for a delicious cup of coffee, Timothy Rask (and his terrifically cute Assistant) have sought out two new coffees to add to our selections. Each type of coffee is carefully selected for quality, flavor and ethical farming practices. Each bag of coffee is personally roasted by Timothy Rask, certified Q-grader and professional coffee roaster. Rask Coffee Roasters offers some of the freshest coffee in Texas. Go ahead – indulge!

Newest Coffee Offerings:

Papua New Guinea Kaumbaro – 100% Organic – $12.50/12 oz bag
We are very excited to introduce this amazing new coffee from Papua New Guinea. The freshly-ground aroma suggests raisins and root beer. The cup is clean and sweet, with hints of cherry, peaches and cinnamon. This combination of flavors along with its silky mouthfeel is reminiscent of a summer fruit pie-filling. What’s more, this is a 100% organic preparation.

Guatemala Xinabul La Libertad Lot #2 – $12.50/12 oz bag
This coffee is a real crowd-pleaser, with a beautiful chocolate and nut fragrance that carries over well into the brewed cup. It is well-balanced with medium intensity, apple-like acidity, and a clean finish that leaves a lingering flavor of chocolate-covered almonds.

Bethlehem Harvest is also pleased to continue offering each of the following coffees for your brewing pleasure while supplies last:

Kenya Kiambu Peaberry – $15.00/12 oz bag
This truly outstanding coffee from Kenya features flavors of citrus, blueberry and brown sugar. Peaberries are smaller beans which are sweeter and more densely packed with natural sugars than larger beans. This Kenyan Peaberry packs a sweet punch that will wake you up and lift your spirits!

Costa Rica Tarrazu – San Francisco 1900 – $12.30/12 oz bag
This coffee is sweet, clean and well-balanced; with nutty aroma and flavors of toffee, molasses and almond.

Sumatra Mandheling Mutu Batak – $12.40/12 oz bag
Mutu Batak yields flavors of brown rice syrup, palm sugar, cacao nibs, peet, licorice root, citrus peel and warming spice. It is a complex coffee which is more earthy and spicy than any of our other offerings.

Decaf Honduras – Swiss Water Process – $12.75/12 oz bag
This decaf from Honduras presents flavors of chocolate malted barley, cardamom and almond. Enjoy a cup after dinner and then get a good night’s sleep!

You can place an order for your freshly roasted coffee through Bethlehem Harvest’s order site: or, for those in the Sugar Land area, by contacting Tim Rask directly at  Tim will be roasting for pick up at the Bethlehem Harvest Friendswood Open House on June 29th and July 1st. We can also arrange for other pick up or delivery options, so place your order and Tim will get roasting!

When you place an order for coffee be sure to check out the many other wholesome products available at bulk discount prices through Bethlehem Harvest. You don’t have to stop with coffee!!

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