The “New Normal” at Bethlehem Harvest

We’re all asking the same question these days: “What does ‘normal’ look like anyway?” So many things have changed, are changing, will be changing… It is hard when the future seems so uncertain, but even in the midst of the “hard”, there is also quite a bit of “good”. In fact, many people have said there are changes they will intentionally carry forward from their Covid-19 experiences. This is the case at Bethlehem Harvest. For a long time we have been wanting to move away from a “monthly order cycle” toward a more “continuous stocking” approach. Covid-19 has given us the excuse and the opportunity to make that move. We have increased the quantities of organic bulk food available for purchase day to day including many whole grains, processed grains, legumes and baking supplies. You can place your order at any day of the week and pick it up at our home in Friendswood soon after.

The “pantry” at Bethlehem Harvest is a little like your pantry at home. We do our best to keep it stocked with all the things customers want for their families, but, like you, we need to restock our larder on a regular basis. Bethlehem Harvest is able to restock inventory about every two weeks. That means that sometimes the products you would like to buy are listed as “backordered”, but it also means that it won’t be long before they are available for purchase once again – usually within the next two weeks. You can use our ordering site at to see what products we have available for immediate pick up, and what products we can obtain with our next restocking order. Place your order for backordered items as well as in stock items, and we will confirm the anticipated availability date for out of stock items and to arrange a pick up date for your order.

During this Covid-19 crisis, we have had some products that have been difficult to obtain – just like the grocery stores. On the other hand, Bethlehem Harvest has been able to keep some things on hand that the grocery stores cannot – take yeast and flour, for instance!  We are glad to say that we have an ample supply of SAF professional quality baking yeast on hand for our customers :)  We have also been purchasing unbleached white flour in bulk and dividing it into smaller quantities for families that are unable to purchase flour from the store.  In addition, we are milling grains for customers who normally purchase whole grain flour from the grocery store.  It is nice to be able to serve in these ways! If you need of any of these products, just hop over to and place your order.

If you have any questions about our products or our ordering site, please contact us at, or at 281-797-8932 (call or text)

We will be looking forward to hearing from you!

Gail DeGray
281-797-8932 (call or text)

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