Bethlehem Harvest is Always Stocking Up!

We have been working hard to keep an ample supply of organic grains, legumes and baking supplies on hand for our customers. This means that Bethlehem Harvest is stocking up on an ongoing basis. You no longer have to wait for an “Open House” weekend to place your order. You can go to at any time to place an order for the products you need for your family. If the products are listed as “Available for Immediate Pick Up”, then your product is in stock and can be ready for pick up at our home in Friendswood at your convenience. If products are listed as “Backordered” they are not on our shelf at the moment, but since we are restocking so often, we can have it in your hands very soon – often within the week. Instead of focusing on occasional pick up dates, we are greeting customers almost daily – making it more convenient for you to swing by and pick up your order when you are out and about. Regular delivery to the Sugar Land area is also still available for a modest $10 fee, saving you both time and gasoline – you should be glad our grandchildren live in your neck of the woods!!

Wanting to keep you up to date on our availability, please be aware that I will be out of town from June 28th to July 7th. Many of you know that my mother passed away at the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis. We have been waiting until an opportune time to do her memorial service, but as it turns out, there is no opportune time in a Covid-19 world. Please pray for my family as my siblings and I travel in from various parts of the country to commemorate our mother’s life. It will not be the public and extended family event we would like it to be, but I am asking the Lord to use our time to bring comfort and to remind our hearts of His promises of eternal life in Jesus Christ.

Needless to say, the doors of Bethlehem Harvest will be closed the week I am away, but they are open today!! If you have some immediate needs for whole grains, legumes and baking supplies, please let us know right away by placing an order at If we hear from you by Wednesday evening, we can add any currently out of stock items to the order we have arriving on Friday. Orders placed while I am out of town will be fulfilled when I return.

Thank you for your faithfulness and your kindness as customers of Bethlehem Harvest in a Covid-19 world. You have all been so understanding and cooperative with the unfriendly feel of socially distanced interactions. We wish so much that we could greet you more warmly and invite you into our home as in the past, but for now we will smile and wave, have conversations through masks, do deliveries into your car instead of into your hands. As awkward as these things are, they are the means by which we love and care for one another.

May you and your family be safe and healthy day by day.

Gail DeGray

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