A New Season for Bethlehem Harvest!

“To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven…”  Ecclesiastes 3:1

It has been a long time since I (Gail DeGray) have written a blog post for Bethlehem Harvest.  Mostly that’s because business has been humming along without a lot of communication via the blog as customers recommend Bethlehem Harvest to friends and old customers keep returning for more.  There is nothing quite like a flock of faithful customers – thank you so much!!!

The other reason I have not written is because I have been moving into a new season of life.  Our children are grown and my focus has shifted away from a busy home-life.  I have been tending Bethlehem Harvest customers, but doing less to spread the word and build community and content.

The time has come for both Bethlehem Harvest and I to enter a new season of life.  I have joined ReachGlobal Crisis Response, a missions arm of the EFCA* that responds to disasters in the US and abroad.  The work is both challenging and satisfying, and I am delighted that the Lord has offered me this opportunity to serve Him in a new way.

Bethlehem Harvest is also entering a new season of life as I hand the reigns over to Virginia Jones, a longtime friend, customer, and fellow baking enthusiast.  Virginia brings a wealth of experience with bread baking, health & nutrition, food preparation, and menu planning.  She loves feeding her family healthy food just as much as I do!!

Under Virginia’s leadership, Bethlehem Harvest will continue to provide high quality whole grains and baking supplies to bakers in the Houston metro area.  She is continuing our relationship with Wheat Montana Farms, and currently has an ample supply of Prairie Gold and Bronze Chief Wheat Berries on hand, along with a limited supply of Spelt Berries.  Virginia will also be stocking other grains and baking supplies as they are ordered by customers each month.  To place an order with Bethlehem Harvest continue to use our ordering site: bethlehemharvestorders.com. Once your order is placed, Virginia will respond by email or text to set up a time for you pick up your order.   If you have any questions you can email Virginia at bethlehemharvest@gmail.com or call/text her at 832-617-2966.

Virginia has benefited from her relationship with Bethlehem Harvest for many years, and she is full of great ideas for expanding the learning opportunities that Bethlehem Harvest offers to our community.  I am looking forward to continuing to teach sourdough bread classes when I am in the area.  There will be more news about both of those topics in the near future.

I have so enjoyed my 20+ years of serving customers in the Houston area, and I am thrilled that Bethlehem Harvest’s mission will continue unchanged.  I am thankful for all of the great relationships that have been built, the wonderful loaves of bread that have been baked, and the love of God that has been shared from one life to another.  I hope that I have blessed each of you as much as you have blessed me.


Gail DeGray


*To hear more about the work Bob and I are doing with with Reach Global Crisis Response and to follow our adventures, please visit our ministry web site: jesusourhelp.com or follow us on Facebook.

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