Inspired to Share Kindness and a Love for Baking – Thoughts from Virginia

Bethlehem Harvest (Gail) has been a blessing in my life. I’m grateful to Gail for her encouragement and support as I learned to bake bread and care for my family over the years. We have shared experiences of busy days with many small children at home and the tugs on our hearts as they’ve grown and flown. Gail recently told me she is a therapeutic bread baker- which I’m sure means that she finds peace and comfort in the process of making bread. But as I’ve picked up grain and attended bread classes over the years, she has shared with me with kindness and a type of therapy that always challenged me to love my family better. I look forward to carrying on her legacy of serving the Lord by helping others to love their families and feed them well.

I’ll be happy to include updates on her adventures and we can join together in praying for her and Bob as they continue to love their family and serve the Lord!

I have been using whole grains and freshly milled whole grain flour to make delicious and nutritious real bread for my family for years. I love my Nutrimill and Bosch! I’ve used supplies, ingredients and equipment ordered from Bethlehem Harvest and am excited to continue offering them to experienced and new bakers alike.

July has started off with a bang– and not just fireworks! Even in the heat a lot is baking- blueberry and walnut bread, Ezekiel bread and pancakes, and basic whole wheat loaves; all with freshly milled grains that are available in stock. From Bronze Chief and Prairie Gold, barley, millet, rye, soft white, and spelt to buckets, mills, mixers, and pans we have in stock much of what you need to join us in using whole grains, freshly milled, to make delicious and nutritious bread for your family.

Search on our ordering page at for supplies and ingredients. Please check back often as it is being updated with our latest offerings.

Upcoming classes and dates are listed below. You may choose to pull together a group of friends to take a class or you may join one that is already set up. In each class we’ll talk about the benefits of using freshly milled whole grains, walk through the process of milling, mixing, shaping, and baking bread, and enjoy delicious samples of what we make. You’ll participate in the demonstration and take home a tasty sample as well as recipes to inspire you!

July classes: 1) Basic Whole Wheat Bread  2) Ezekiel Flour and Bread

July Dates: 7/ 12, 13, 19, 20

Looking ahead, in August, in addition to bread baking classes, we’ll start planning and prepping for the busy school year to begin by making English muffins and breakfast sandwiches that can be frozen and pulled out as needed for breakfast on the go or an after school snack.

August classes: 1) Basic Whole Wheat Bread  2) English Muffins  3) Meal Prep: Breakfast sandwich edition

August dates: 8/ 8, 10, 15, 16, 21, 23


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