Ready for Fall Baking

The outside temperatures in Texas are falling a bit, and the first day of autumn is Saturday!

I baked our first loaf of pumpkin bread yesterday and had cinnamon in my coffee this morning. What is something that you do as the season changes?

I’m excited to get my pantry restocked and refreshed for fall baking. Do you need anything to get ready? Go to to place orders for grains, bulk ingredients, seasonings, spices, and supplies. Many grains are in stock, along with many bread baking ingredients. A new shipment of bread pans will arrive soon! Spices, seasonings, and specialty personal care item orders will be placed on September 30. webpage is in the process of being updated. New products are being  added and we’re updating inventory. Feel free to place orders for what you want and need. You may also send me an email at or call 832-617-2966 with questions about product availability.

Looking for a class? Send me an email. October class dates will be posted next week.

Also, let me know if you’d like me to post recipes for using whole grains, or if you’re looking for something specific.

Let’s get your pantry and mine ready for baking!

P.S. Bethlehem Harvest can be found on and updated pages will be coming to Facebook and Instagram soon!


Ready for Fall Baking — 2 Comments

  1. Please add me to your mailing list. I visit my son in Houston and would like to plan my next trip around your sourdough baking lessons.

    • Hi!
      We are making plans for new sourdough classes to be scheduled in the next few weeks. I’ll add your name and email to the contact list for our instructor. Gail will reach out to you soon about dates and times for upcoming classes. In addition to our sourdough class, we offer basic bread baking and are adding new classes including artisan and specialty breads, meal prep, and bulk food cooking. On our shopping site you can find listings for many grains and bulk foods- some are in-stock and we place bulk orders for other items every month. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you along your bread baking journey.

      Happy baking!
      Virginia Jones

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