Real bread might be a love language!

I often say I love feeding people- it’s one way I say, “I love you” to family and friends! From whole grain pancakes, and English muffins for breakfast to loaves of bread for sandwiches or pizza for lunch and all the way through dinner to home baked chocolate chip cookies, the time I spend in the kitchen is spent weaving love into every day! When my family comes into to a home filled with the aroma of fresh bread they FEEL loved! Do you say ‘I love you” with food and does your family hear “I love you” when you bake?

Many customers are enjoying the flexibility of being able to pick up orders most days of the week and having more products in-stock makes it easy. Some have mentioned that they’ve missed bring able to “shop the table” like we did on pick up days of old; I have an idea that might help! Below are a few pictures of what’s on my table for easy pick up. Also, go to to check prices and find other items that can be ordered. A bulk food order will be placed 2/13, so if you need ingredients to make fresh, home cooked meals for those you love text or email to let me know!

Happy baking!



Local honey, yeast, sea salt, Vegalene, Redmond real salt
Azure market organics

8″ and 10″ bread pans; 12″ can be ordered

Prairie Gold, Bronze Chief, and Spelt

Kamut, Einkorn, and other grains

5 lbs bags

5 lb bags



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