The Nutrimill Grain Mill


* New innovative variable high speed grain mill.
* Mill grains and beans into fresh flour in minutes.
* Advanced technology includes: improved texture control; stronger milling heads; unique Force/Flow sound/air chamber design. 50% noise reduction, improved motor cooling and longer mill life.
* 20 cup bowl capacity. Weight 14 lbs.
The Nutrimill will give you a lifetime of milling capabilities in an effortlessly smooth way that no other mill on the market can match! It’s simple: Just dump the amount of grain you want to mill in the top-up to 5 pounds worth or 12 cups of whole grain and turn it on. You can adjust the grind. There is a 400 percent increase from fine to coarse! So if you need extra-fine flour for cakes or pastries or coarse flour for real cooked cream of wheat or cornmeal, then this mill is for you! The self-cleaning stainless steel burrs explode any dry grain or bean upon impact into flour in just minutes! This mill is not for oily seeds or beans like coffee.

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