Summertime Bread Classes for Adults and Kids!

Come enjoy some summer fun – just for you – or for you and your kiddos!   Learn a new skill, perfect a skill you’ve been working on, or introduce a friend or child to something you enjoy.  Bethlehem Harvest’s summer bread classes are the perfect opportunity to have fun and learn new things at the same time.  Classes below are designed for teens and adults or for parents with children ages five and above.

How do you sign up?  Drop us a note at or give us a call at 281-797-8932.

See dates and times below class descriptions.  Class sizes are limited, so let us hear from you soon!

Adult Classes

We are offering three different adult classes this summer – all featuring healthy whole grains and both modern and ancient bread baking practices.  These classes are suitable for teens and adults.

The cost is $10 per person, with a $30 max per family.  Each student or family will receive an equivalent credit toward Bethlehem Harvest purchases.

Basic Bread Baking – This class is geared toward the novice bread baker.  We will learn about various kinds of whole grains that can be used in bread baking, different types of flours and fresh home milling, baking with yeast and sourdough starters.  We will walk through the process of making a simple yeast bread from start to finish, and how to use one dough to make many different products – loaves, dinner rolls, hamburger buns, and kolaches.  Best of all, we will eat the results of our baking efforts – delicious!!

Artisan Bread Baking – Love a loaf of bread with a hard outer crust and a soft chewy inside?  Then this is the class for you!!  Working with high quality ingredients, you will learn to bake whole grain breads that are hearty, healthy and delicious.  Learn how to select appropriate flours, make a poolish, mix a batter, add herbs, seeds, cracked grains and other flavorings, knead and shape your dough, and bake loaves in a high temp oven.  Enjoy the aroma and the flavor!  Such a treat!!

Sourdough Bread Baking – “They say” that San Francisco sour dough breads are the best in the world, but I would beg to differ!  A fresh loaf sourdough bread just out of your very own oven is a treat that just can’t be beat!!  Using an 1847 sourdough starter that traversed the Oregon Train, we will make loaves of bread that are distinctly sour and decidedly delicious!  The souring process adds to the nutritional value and digestibility of your bread.

All classes will meet from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Basic Bread Baking:  Tuesday, June 7th; Saturday, July 30th; Monday, August 29th

Sourdough Bread Baking:  Saturday, May 28the; Saturday, July 16th; Saturday, August 27th

Artisan Bread Baking: Tuesday, May 31st;  Monday, August 1st


Parent/Child Classes

Basic Bread Baking – Parents and kids can come together to learn about God’s wonderful creation – the whole grain!  We will start with whole grain wheat, which we will mill into beautiful fresh whole wheat flour.  We will talk about the differences between different grains and the kinds of breads, muffins and cookies that can be made with each.  Then we will make a bread dough that can be used for everything from sandwich bread to pizza to cinnamon rolls.  And we will make some of those treats to enjoy together.  This class is 100% hands on, so come prepared to create with your kids!

All of these classes are geared for parents and children ages 5 and up.  Parents must attend classes with their children.

The cost is $10 per person, with a $30 max per family.  Each family will receive an equivalent credit toward Bethlehem Harvest purchases.

All classes will meet from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

Thursday, June 9th;

Thursday, July 7th; Tuesday, July 26th;

Saturday, August 13th; Tuesday, August 16th

More classes may be added as the summer progresses.  Check in via e-mail or “Like” Bethlehem Harvest’s Facebook page for updated information


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