Bosch/Nutrimill Products

The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer and the Nutrimill Grain Mills team up to help the home baker create baked goods that are healthy, fresh and homemade!  Whether you are milling fresh flour to make whole grain breads or creating cupcakes for a school party, Bosch and Nutrimill can help make your work both easy and fun!

The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer is uniquely designed with its 800 watt motor beneath the bowl, making it both compact and lightweight. The heavy-duty dough hook is designed to mimic the motions of hand kneading to stretch, tuck, and fold the dough for maximum gluten development. The dual wire whips, cake paddles, and cookie paddles are designed to mix everything from egg whites to cookie dough. The powerful belt-driven transmission delivers adequate torque to knead light or heavy loads, and the four suction feet grip the mixer to your counter for optimum stability. Many optional accessories and attachments are available for increased functionality. Additional details on the Bosch Universal Plus Mixers are available here: Bosch Universal Mixers

Nutrimill grain mills allow health-conscious consumers to place fresh grains, legumes or rice into a grain mill. With the simple push of a button, one can quickly make cracked cereal or fresh flour that contains no preservatives or additives. NutriMill has created three different grain mills to match needs: The Nutrimill Harvest, The Nutrimill Classic and the Nutrimill Plus. Details on these mills are available here: Nutrimill Grain Mills

Nutrimill Grain Mills Now in Stock!

There is something about Covid-19 that makes people want to mill fresh flour. We are guessing it is the nutritional benefits of using freshly ground flour in your baked goods, but perhaps it is the convenience of milling your flours on demand from your private stash of organic whole grains. Either way, keeping our Nutrimill grain mills in stock has been a challenge in recent months. Right now, however, WE HAVE ALL THREE NUTRIMILL GRAIN MILLS IN STOCK!! Yippee!!

Please use this link to order any of these mills for pick up in Friendswood: Nutrimill Grain Mills

The simplicity of the Nutrimill Classic Grain Mill makes it the DeGray family favorite. The grain goes in the top and seconds later comes out the bottom as beautiful whole grain flour, ready to use in your baked goods.

The cost for the Nutrimill Classic Grain Mill is $239.00 plus tax.

To order for pick up in Friendswood, please use this link: Nutrimill Classic Grain Mill

The Nutrimill Plus Grain Mill offers a 24 Cup flour bowl capacity with a collapsible milling hopper that allows for easy storage. The 2 Speed Motor uses Stainless Steel Microburst Milling Heads that yield a wide range of flour textures from very fine to quite course.

The cost for the Nutrimill Plus Grain Mill is $249.00 plus tax.

To order for pick up in Friendswood, please use this link:Nutrimill Plus Grain Mill

The Nutrimill Harvest Grain Mill uses Corundum Grainmaster milling stones to produce high quality flours in minutes. Easily adjust texture allows you to mill a full range of textures from cracked grain for hot cereal to pastry fine flour for baked goods. The beautiful bamboo case makes this mill appear as lovely as it is useful.

The cost for the Harvest Mill is $279.00.

To order for pick up in Friendswood, please use this link: Nutrimill Harvest Grain Mill

To order any of these mills for shipping directly to your home, please use our affiliate link below.
Bethlehem Harvest will be given credit for the sale. Please note that prices may vary from those advertised above. Nutrimill Grain Mills

If you have any questions about any of these mills please contact us at or 281-797-8932 (text or voice).

A Sweet Spring Special from Bosch Mixer!


Bethlehem Harvest is proud to be affiliated with both Bosch Universal Mixers and Nutrimill Grain Mills, offering our customers their full line of products designed to meet all the needs of the home bread baker and so much more! We keep a modest supply of Bosch and Nutrimill products on hand at our home in Friendswood, but we also offer opportunities to purchase products through our affiliate links to and

This month Bosch is celebrating spring by offering their Blender attachment for the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer for half price! It is perfect for making smoothies, shakes and so much more. If you own a Bosch Universal Mixer and don’t own the blender, you don’t want to miss this deal! The offer is good through the end of May 2020. Use the coupon code AFMAY20 at checkout to receive your discount. A modest shipping charge will apply on this item.

Use our affiliate link to make your purchase at

If you have any questions about this special please drop me a note at or contact me 281-797-8932 (call or text). I will be looking forward to hearing from you!

Gail DeGray

The Bosch Universal Plus


The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer provides the most powerful motor in its class in a unique and modern design. Perfect for bread enthusiasts, the large mixing bowl handles up to 15 lbs of dough. Performing many functions well, the Bosch Universal Plus will also whip egg whites, cream butter, and gently mix cake batters and cheesecakes in just seconds! It will mix large batches of cookie dough using the dough hooks or the optional cookie paddles and yet the french whips are gentle enough to whip 1 egg white into 1 1/2 cups of meringue!

. Powerful 800 watt motor.
. Four speed settings for slow mixing through high speed blending, plus a pulsing function.
. Removable drive shaft for easy cleaning.
. BPA free bowl with heavy duty stainless dough hooks.
. 1 year warranty on parts, 3 year warranty on motor.

Note that the blender shown in the picture is sold separately (see below).

To visit our sales center for current price and purchasing, click here: Bosch Universal Plus Mixer

The Nutrimill Grain Mill


* New innovative variable high speed grain mill.
* Mill grains and beans into fresh flour in minutes.
* Advanced technology includes: improved texture control; stronger milling heads; unique Force/Flow sound/air chamber design. 50% noise reduction, improved motor cooling and longer mill life.
* 20 cup bowl capacity. Weight 14 lbs.
The Nutrimill will give you a lifetime of milling capabilities in an effortlessly smooth way that no other mill on the market can match! It’s simple: Just dump the amount of grain you want to mill in the top-up to 5 pounds worth or 12 cups of whole grain and turn it on. You can adjust the grind. There is a 400 percent increase from fine to coarse! So if you need extra-fine flour for cakes or pastries or coarse flour for real cooked cream of wheat or cornmeal, then this mill is for you! The self-cleaning stainless steel burrs explode any dry grain or bean upon impact into flour in just minutes! This mill is not for oily seeds or beans like coffee.

Blender for Bosch Universal

bh blenderThe complete Blender fits the current Universal Plus (MUM6N10UC) or the older UM-3 Standard.
The blender boasts a six cup capacity and a design that is engineered to pulverize, puree, mix, blend and crumb.
You can make marvelous beverages, soups, sauces, fresh nut butters, baby foods and sandwich spreads all from this powerful 700 watt blender

Food Processor for Bosch Universal

The food processor for the Bosch Universal Mixer has the traditional food processor knife blade in the bottom of the bowl for chopping and mixing. 
Also included are three slicing and shredding disks used at the top of the bowl:
Slicing (reversible thick & thin),
Shredding and grating (reversible coarse and fine), and
Potato grating.
The processor fits on the high-speed drive where the blender is typically positioned. The bowl capacity is about 5 cups.